Program to see hard drive space

program to see hard drive space

Find out what's using all the space on your hard drive [ Further reading: Your new PC needs these 15 free, excellent programs ]. So now you find out that your hard disk drive is almost full and wish to clean it up quickly. This is where a disk usage analyzer application can be very helpful. SpaceSniffer is a free, portable Windows utility that uses a tree- view to show you which areas on your hard drive take up the most space in a. Windows Mac iPhone Android Smarthome More… Linux Hardware Gaming Security Office Photography Search. Above all, I like it because of how simple and familiar the interface is, but there's also some really useful settings I want to mention. Download CleanMyPC for Free Today. So now you find out that your hard disk drive is almost full and wish to clean it up quickly. Its graphical view is really great and easy to use. There was an error. A program may be using a lot of space but may not have any information in its Size column. The picture here immediately tells you how SpaceSniffer visualizes disk space usage. There's also filtering option so that only music, video, document, archive files, etc. It also comes with a page of handy stats and bar graphs, which are a nice complement to the traditional tree and map, but probably not worth the price. In Windows 10, however, clicking on each of those segments brings you to a new screen where you can manage those particular file types on your hard drive. Recent from Alan Henry 31 When you launch WinDirStat, you can tell it to scan all local drives, a single drive like your C:

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Find out what's using up your computer's hard drive space SmartPOP2Exchange Exchange Server Toolbox SpamAssassin in a Black keys konzert SpamAssassin for Windows. Right-clicking any folder or file in SpaceSniffer opens the same menu that you see in Windows Explorer, meaning you can copy, delete. With Folder Size, a small additional window displays europa app shows tomb raider 2 download folder's size. Delete unnecessary data to make more room. TreeSize is a robust novoline magic games ii analysis tool that comes in multiple flavors. I found 2 monstrous sized Hotmail files for MS Outlook! Tester 5 years ago. Join the How-To Geek Club! In my experience with this program, it takes much longer to scan a semi-full hard drive than the other tools on this list. Totally free for home users. If your hard drive is starting to fill up, you may be wondering what exactly is taking up all that space. Then you can delete them, show them in Explorer, or even open a command prompt at that location.

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If System Restore is eating up a lot of hard drive space for restore points, you can reduce the amount of hard disk space allocated to System Restore. You may even want to use a third-party uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller to make sure any leftover files are deleted and not wasting space. If the two were mixed, you'd have a perfect application. So there you go. It's similar to WinDirStat, offering a tree view and a graphical map, and the views are very configurable. WinDirStat is our favorite, but it does have a few quirks. After you do, you can click the More Options button and use the Clean up button under System Restore and Shadow Copies to delete system restore data.

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